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Tired of forgettable and painfully awkward meetings, retreats, rallies, and advocacy campaigns?

Going through a toxic organizational transition?

Inspire real results.


What is Delicious Strategy?

Delicious Strategy specializes in improvisation training and human experience design for political organizations and grassroots movements.


Let Loose

We take out toxicity, ego, and awkwardness.


Transform Culture

We develop human-centered, theatrical, emotional intelligence, and comedic techniques to strategically move the needle and cut through the noise.


Foster Group Cohesion

Our workshops, facilitations, and retreats help participants loosen up and cut the BS. We enrich political and office culture to remove awkwardness through presence, participation, and play.


Updated in real time

Poorly designed presentations are a thing of the past. Create beautiful and high-quality content that is aligned.

What We Offer

Loosen Up. Move People.

Improvisation Training

We design custom half-day and full-day workshops and trainings for your organization, canvassers, organizers, activists, advocates, or political candidates. Business and Politics are improvised theater. Help your people perform as themselves.

Comedic Strategy

Bring some Delicious Strategy into your brainstorming or strategy meetings to co-create new and innovative protests, actions, and tactics. Bring humor, generative conflict, playfulness and cultural organizing into the mix.

Change Management & Mediation

We help you handle coalitions and mergers with ease while leaving everyone feeling listened to. Cut through the zero-sum, ego, BS, and awkwardness and get to the root of the issue.

Human Experience Design

Help your team turn into a movement and let inspiration emerge. Inject joy into your event for a truly memorable and delightful experience for your guests or employees. We create immersive events and experiences to connect your work to the humans who make it go.

Theater of the Oppressed & Authentic Relating

Experience the interactive theater of understanding power dynamics and walking in someone else's shoes. Develop techniques and games for co-creating a resilient and creative future that moves beyond survival mode.

Leadership & Effective Soft Skills

Learn the power of charisma, adaptable management, public-speaking, and negotiation through presence. Most soft skills workshops are painful and prescriptive - this one helps you loosen up and be your most powerful self.

Our Team

Sam Bonar

Comedic Strategist & Improv Facilitator

Sam is a comedic strategist with over 10 years of improv experience in Chicago, New York, and DC. He has trained Presidential candidates, climate lobbyists, voting rights activists, student leaders, de-escalators, and employees in the non-profit, public, and private sectors as a facilitator since 2013. He is also a performance lobbyist advocating and co-creating a more Delicious Democracy: an abundant culture of creative culture power where people ShowUp, connect face-to-face, laugh, and build the next system together. One Delicious Democracy project is Showupia: an augmented-reality civic engagement game bridging the real and digital worlds.
Lori Pitts

Theater of the Oppressed Facilitator

Lori Pitts is an Applied Theatre practitioner, Joker, teaching artist, performer, and director in the DMV area. She is passionate about creating platforms for voices that often go unheard. In addition to her work with Voices Unbarred, she is a core member of the DC Coalition for Theatre & Social Justice. Pitts has most recently performed with Ally Theatre, Rorschach Theatre, Young Playwrights’ Theater, and FRESHH Inc. She is a 2016-2017 recipient of the Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program grant through the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for her work within the community.
Darnell Eaton

Improvisation Facilitator

Darnell is a one of a kind trained actor who brings very dramatic characters in his Improv and is a pitbull when it comes to sticking to his deal. He is on the faculty at Washington Improv Theater (WIT) and has instructed classes and workshops in Ward 8, teaching and training both adults and children in efforts to bring awareness of the Improv art to the under served and underprivileged community. He’s been in the DC Improv scene since 2009 and has been on three WIT ensembles, including iMusical (current), Love Onion, and the WIT project: Citizen’s Watch. Darnell is also active in the DC indie improv community and performs regularly on Lena Dunham, Ugh, and Aboulia!


See what people have to say about Delicious Strategy:

Darnell Eaton

I expected painful and embarrassing improv games, instead, the group received an attentive examination of authenticity, traditions, and empowerment. The idea of improv comedy/theater has always been in the category of “feel-good” or fun icebreakers in groups. What I was not prepared for was the power that even simple games and playfulness can have in shifting power dynamics and erupting community in a space.

Phyllicia Hatton
Artisans' Affinity Alliance
Darnell Eaton

I personally didn't want it to end! What a great service to the advocacy community.

Denise Robbins
Citizen's Climate Lobby
Lori Pitts

Sam takes a truly refreshing and innovative approach to help clients see their full potential, not only as public speakers, but as individuals. In working with Sam, I found that his passion for his work inspired me to do better and infuse fun into the work. I believe his approach will make a powerful, needed change in how people communicate.

Yilin Zhang
DC Ward 2 Councilmember
Darnell Eaton

Sam’s improv workshop was a great way to loosen up, raise the energy, and practice getting “comfortable being uncomfortable.” Highly recommended!

Alice Underwood

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